Premier private tutoring for expat families

Private tutoring specifically designed for expats of all levels

Tutors from top universities

Personalized, quality tutoring

Premier private tutoring tailored for expats of all levels, offering personalized, high-quality educational and professional support

Comprehensive support

Provide expats with personalized, high-quality tutoring services that cater to all educational levels and curricula.

Professional excellence

Our commitment is to help expats overcome language barriers and cultural differences.

Flexible and accessible

Flexible tutoring solutions that fit the busy schedules of expat individuals and families.

One-on-One tutoring specifically designed for expats

Experience tailored one-on-one tutoring sessions uniquely crafted to meet the educational needs of expats. Our tutors specialize in international curricula and understand the challenges of relocating, ensuring effective learning and cultural adaptation.

Intuitive tools for identifying learning needs and priorities

By analyzing individual needs comprehensively, we prioritize learning objectives and tailor tutoring sessions accordingly. This approach ensures efficient and targeted support, optimizing the learning journey for every expat student we serve.

Engage with instructors and a network of expat peers

Engage closely with our expert instructors who provide personalized guidance and support tailored to your educational goals. Additionally, join a vibrant community of expat peers to exchange experiences, share insights, and support each other in navigating expat challenges.

How to get started

One-to-one lessons to fit your schedule, from the comfort of home

Meet an advisor

Schedule a consultation with one of our advisors to discuss your goals and specific needs as an expat.

Take a free trial lesson

Experience our tailored tutoring services firsthand with a trial lesson, designed to assess your level & fit with our platform.

Customize your membership

Work with your advisor to create a personalized membership plan that suits your schedule and learning objectives.


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